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Secret 9 - Connected Gallery

Secret 9 - Connected Gallery

In 'Secret #5' I told you how important great content is to your website. There are different ways that you could use my 'Connected Gallery' concept to give your business a competitive advantage over your competition. Now I am going to try to explain some ways in which our unique 'Connected Gallery' can provide amazing content for your website and improve your sales. 

If your business provides products or services that are in anyway physical then there is a good chance that you, your members of staff or customers could be taking pictures and putting that content on your website. 

Maybe you are a general builder, electrician, plumber, carpenter, window fitter, conservatory builder, mechanic or vehicle accessory installation engineer who is capable of doing amazing work?    

Guess what? There are thousands of people searching the web, desperate to find someone capable of doing the work that you do. So what can you do? You can keep it the world's best secret, like many do. Perhaps your competitor, the national company (who have a few standard images on their flashy website or just have such a big brand name that they) will pick up the work that you might have got instead? But quite frankly they probably don not have the understanding, the know-how or the time to actually do what you are capable of doing. Particularly if you are a small local business, who knows the local area and can spend the time with the customer to provide the bespoke service that they require.

Instead of having that extra couple of seconds in the van before you start the job, or that extra long tea break "take a picture!", most people have a digital camera now or even a smartphone in their pocket. Take a picture, take another picture and take more pictures! If you can, get before, during and after pictures.

But taking the pictures is just half of the job, the most important thing is to then put them up on your website and share them. You may be scared and say "I can't do that.". But you need not be, as with our ifit-PRO content management system we make it very very easy, for you to do so. You can just throw pictures off of your phone, or your computer straight onto your website. We resize all of the pictures for you, and build a search engine friendly page that is dedicated to that type of work that you have done, and within the area that you want the work.

Having a populated 'Connected Gallery' is a reason for your potential customers to find your website. It is also going to be another reason for them to share your pictures on their social media timelines, that will be another link to improve your SEO  or one that will bring their social media friends to your website. You are the specialist in your field if you can do amazing things. You just need to share that with the world and the world will become your businesses oyster! Your potential customers will see your work and they will want to use your services; but only if you can share what you have to offer on your website.

Please take a look at a gallery album on the Sussex Installations ifit-PRO website, you will see that there is video and many pictures to show how upgraded parts function on a vehicle. This level of detail would be difficult to convey in text alone and anyone else who is looking for a similar upgrade to their vehicle in the Sussex area is likely to come across this page in Google search results - Try searching Google for "Mercedes Sprinter Sat Nav Sussex". The fact that there is an album there is likely to bring others wanting the same thing to the Sussex Installations website and then the fact that Sussex Installations have already installed those parts makes them an authority on the subject and therefore they are more likely to get the job of fitting more of them; even if they are more expensive than a competitor that does not have the fitted product pictures on their website.

Another very different 'Connected Gallery' strategy that I have implemented for our customer www.hl-racing.co.uk is a simple one really, they have a new Motocross shop and want to build the traffic to their new website that we have built for them. The owner attends local race meetings and his wife enjoys photography and often takes pictures of her husband at the race meetings. My strategy for their business is for the owners wife to take pictures of all riders and put the pictures into their ' Connected Gallery ' ASAP afterwards. My theory is that, the word will quickly get around that there are free good quality pictures to look at on the HL Racing website and that will lead to high awareness of their shop in the local community in minimum time. In addition, it will also lead to more inbound links to their website which will increase their page-rank and SEO. Sure enough after only a few months there is a huge spike in traffic to their website in the days following a local race meeting that they attend! Furthermore we allow tagging of products in individual pictures, so they could if they wanted use each picture as an advertising opportunity to sell products that they have in their shop if the respective rider is wearing those products or has any of them on their motorbike.

I would be more than willing to develop a strategy using our 'Connected Gallery' or any other web marketing strategy to suit your individual business needs. Please do take a look at the content in our ifit-PRO Gallery <here>.

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