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Secret 5 - Content

Secret 5 - Content

Having content on your website is invaluable

People are usually searching the internet because they have a problem; they are looking for a solution, they are looking to find a website that has the solution. If you have a page on your website showing that you offer the type of product or service that they are looking for that is Search Engine Optimised, then they might just come across your website; 'WOW' that's what I'm looking for and they are likely to get in touch with you to do business.

Having good content on your website can really drive links to your website; which will increase your pagerank. this in turn can increase your rankings in search results by Google and other search engines. Having great content on your website can also give your visitors a sense of your business and what sort of a service you may be able to offer. A connected Gallery can really go a step further in terms of delivering great content and showing that you are an authority on the products or service that your business offers.

In terms of content, different people want to intake the information in different ways; some people want text, some people want images, or some might prefer a video. You should allow the different users that arrive at your website to intake the information in the way in which they choose.

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