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Secret 1 - Design

Secret 1 - Design

Simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication and design is more than the layout

Your website is an online representation of your business's image and in this day and age it must be the main focus of your marketing and sales efforts.

Your website design:-
  • Should look good, fresh, modern and be consistent with your offline branding
  • Must load fast and display correctly on all different browsers
  • Now needs to respond to mobile phone / tablet browsing and deliver an optimised page for the growing number of mobile internet users
  • Has to be user friendly so that your visitors can instantly understand how to get the information that they are looking for

Common design mistakes include:-

  • Using images that are too high resolution; which cause slow page load time
  • Using gimmicky things like flash moving images; which might not work on all computers and cause slow page load time
  • Over complicated design with tool much going on
  • Confusing layout with difficult navigation
  • Playing music upon page load; which might be intrusive and inconvenient for your visitors
Design is very important, sometimes it is just the case of getting the right navigation with something that is very clean and is using your corporate styles and colours within the design.

Simplicity, can be the ultimate sophistication. Make sure you check out all 9 secrets to online success. 

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