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Secret 6 - Market

Secret 6 - Market

If you really want to push and increase your business's web presence, you can market your website as well. 

If your website is search engine friendly and Google knows that it exists then you are going to get a certain amount of traffic anyway. But if you want to have a really good push, then you can market it; market the hell out of it.

There is of course the traditional printed media that can contain integrated content such as QR codes; where the customer can use their smartphone to scan the QR code and they will automatically be redirected to your website.

Other things you can do is to use social media. Hopefully your website has all the social media websites integrated into it, so when someone visits your website they might find some interesting content and then can share with all their friends. 

Then there is blogging and podcasting too; you are the person that knows about your business and so you are the best person to market your business if you can find the time? We can help with the training and our software makes things easy and develop a suitable strategy for you. Of course we can just take all that our of your hands and do it for you if you prefer. 

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