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Bling up Part 2 - Multiple product images

JEFF SCOTT @ November 5, 2013 8:54 pm

Here we go again with some more visual improvements to your websites, these are almost certainly going to go down well with you and your potential customers.

You will now find that you can display up to 5 images for every product on your ifit-PRO website, the main image will be large by default and then all images will display as thumbnails below the main image. Simply mouse over the thumbnails and the main image will change. You can see a product with 3 images here on the demo website http://demo.ifit-pro.co.uk/products/van-locks/armapate-armacat.html .

Previously we displayed just one small image on the product page, which would expand when you mouse over the image, this new multiple image feature replaces that feature and so that will no longer function. In order to use the multiple image feature all you need to do is add additional images to your products using the product editor tool. For new products you can simply add up to 5 images straight from the off.

As always, all feedback is welcome and we hope that you enjoy the new feature.


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