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NEW Quick Manage Tool & Product Checking Service for ifit-PRO

JEFF SCOTT @ December 1, 2013 11:06 pm

The ifit-PRO platform is revolutionary as it allows you to easily keep your websites up to date with the current products that you offer supplied and fitted in your local area. We have completely changed the way our industry works, as now the manufacturers and distributors can actually support you by simply and easily inputting their products into our central database. Once they have inputted their product data, you can simply click to add any of them to your website (and modify them if you want).

So what's new now? Product checking Service: Since we launched the concept that manufacturers should input their product data directly (so that 400 of their dealers around the country don't all have to) I have noticed a problem! Even though it is at least 400 times more efficient for us all if the manufacturers input their data, the representative often doesn't seem have enough time to do it correctly or they don't get the concept that they are writing a description for retail and not trade. Often they don't have a retail fitted price for the product either and although we have provided all the tools and training for them to enter the data correctly and as required, it would seem that I have to check everything!!!! 

I am going to go into more details about the whole process below, but for now let me cut to the chase and say that any manufacturer in our industry can and should gain access to enter their product data into the ifit-PRO database and now they can request that ifitstuff checks the products for them.

Quick manage tool: I want to make it super easy for all of you to manage your websites, so now we will automatically email you the details of all new products for the week and we will allow you to add the products directly from the email without you needing to enter a username or password, it simply can't get easier than this!! Of course I am not going to bother you by emailing the details of any product data that has been entered into our database as I don't want to waste your time, I am only going to email you the details of checked products.

this weeks checked products

(Pictured above - Example of an email showing the weeks checked products)

The picture above is an example of the email that ifit-PRO website users will get every Friday morning, you can then click directly from that email to an online version of the same information in a brand new tool that we have designed and created for you, which I have named the "Quick manage tool".


(Pictured above - The "Quick manage tool")

You can add any product on the "Quick manage tool" to your website instantly and without even using a username or password, you can change the price of the product and also change between advertising the product as "Fitted", "Not Fitted", "Price Linked" or choose to display "No Price" at all for the product.

By default the quick manage tool will only show products that were checked personally by ifitstuff within the last week, but we have designed and built the tool to be so much more functional than that. You can change the time selection from 1 week to anything up to 6 months or just just click "All products" and then we will display all checked and unchecked products that are on your website on the left and all available products for your website on the right. This means that you have total flexibility to remove any product that you don't want on your website or add any available product that you want to put onto your website or you can change the price of any product that is on your website in literally seconds by clicking from your email.

This is a very exciting new development that I have been wanting to implement for some time and now I am going to explain how the whole process works.

product manager

(Pictured above - New changes to the product manager in your cpanel)

If you log into the cpanel now and go to the "Product manager" (which is in the "Products tab"), you will now see that we are providing you with clear feedback to say if the product is checked or not. If the product has a Green light then the product has been checked by us, if it has a red light then the product is unchecked, we also have an amber light for a product that was checked, but has since been modified or was last checked over 18 months ago.

product details

(Pictured above - Product details display)

If you click on any of the products in either the "Product manager" or in the "Quick manage tool" then you will get the "Product details display" box open up (here you could already change the price and fitted / not fitted etc). Now a new feature is that you can request the owner of the product data to submit the product to ifitstuff for checking, which will then allow them to see that there is a reason for them to improve the quality of their product data, which will then improve the quality of your website.


product check requests

(Pictured above - Sending a product check request)

Once you click to send a product check request, you will have the opportunity to include a message to the owner of the product data. Simply write a polite message in the text field (pictured above) and then click send.


email prod check request

(Pictured above - Example of the email that will then be sent to the Data Feed Supplier)

Once you have written a request and clicked on "Send" then they will automatically get an email like the one that is pictured above sent to them. We will include the details of who requested the check and also include any previous requests by you and / or other ifit-PRO users who have requested that the product data be checked.  From that email or when they are in their cpanel they will be able to simply click to submit that product for checking and they can submit any other products that they have for checking at the same time if they would like to do so (Note there will be a small fee to the Data Feed Supplier to pay towards the time involved in checking / rectifying their product data).

Please do send and questions or comments to us at admin@ifitstuff.com

Article by Jeff Scott, Managing Director, Ifitstuff lTD

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