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Contacts form - Spam Filtering

JEFF SCOTT @ February 26, 2014 5:42 pm

Hi Guys,

You now have a new contacts form live and online on your ifit-PRO websites, changes detailed below:-

1) Phone number on the contact form - We have had feedback from Julian Willis of Autotec who pointed out that it would be useful to have a phone number field in the hope that most customers would then fill out their phone numbers to aid quick communication and also to have an alternative contact method in the event that they wrote their email address down incorrectly.

2) Email address removal - Complete removal of your email address from the HTML code or written anywhere on your website to stop crawlers and people manually taking your email address and then spamming you. We already added an "Ask a question" button on your websites products page like <here>  so that you will know what product a customer is referring to when they contact you. Now we have switched the <contact us> page to use that same "Ask a question" button and form as it looks nice from a design point of view and also works well. The only place that is left where an email address might be is in your header (if you have had a custom one created), but now the email html will be replaced with the contacts form from now on. I would also like to switch from having your email addresses written in the design, to having a mail icon instead and then we will open the contacts form if that is clicked on.

3) Spam filtering - I had noticed some spam being manually through the forms (bypassing the spam captions and question) and then Danny Barker sent me a copy of a spam email that he had received. So we created another new development to delay sending the contact email by up to 2 minutes and have an automatic robot search the message for words or terms that I have deemed as spam. If there is no spam then we sent the message to you by email, if it is flagged as spam then the message gets put into a holding area in the cpanel in a new tab called "Messages". We also keep all your messages there for reference until you choose to delete them. We are continually tweaking the spam filter and so please let us know if you are getting any repeated spam as we will do all we can to just give you quality sales leads and not waste your time with spam. 

I have lots of other development stuff to tell you about too, but I am guilty of repeatedly releasing groundbreaking clever developments and keeping them a secret!! But I can assure you that there are very clever things going on every day behind the scenes here and we really do value your feedback, ideas and requests. So please keep them coming.

If you have any questions about this or any other part of your ifit-PRO website then please get in touch by emailing admin@ifitstuff.com or call 03300 101057 10.30AM - 2.30PM Monday to Friday.

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