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Your New Gallery - Not Google, Not eBay, Not Amazon - It is ifit-PRO Who Has Brought You The Connected Gallery!!

Jeffrey Scott @ June 26, 2014 3:44 pm
Sharing content is easy for someone who has the ability to create great content, taking a couple of pictures of your work only takes seconds, but those pictures really are great content. This is your competitive advantage, but only if you choose to use it? Jeff Scott, Managing Director of Ifitstuff LTD.

That's right, when you are using a 'Connected Gallery' in an e-commerce system or on an information website 10 years in the future and it seems normal practise? You might think to yourself, Jeff Scott dreamed that up and his programmer created it to perfection on their 1st attempt! You may think to yourself, I had one of the 1st websites with a connected gallery and that is why I am so far ahead of my competition today?

All rights to use a connected gallery are reserved by Ifitstuff LTD.

I am very proud to unleash the results of 3 years planning and over 6 months programming of the 'Connected Gallery' alone and the integration of it into our industry leading ifit-PRO website platform. c panel 300 albums

Pictured above - My Control Panel view of my 300 search engine efficient gallery albums!! How long did it take for me to create all them? Well about 2 weeks in my spare evenings while watching the TV!!

Tip - Click on the pictures below and we will open up an example page on my sussexinstallations.co.uk website. There you can click around and explore for yourself what I explain to you step by step. Alternatively, please watch the video 7A in the tutorial tab for a full explanation.

gallery screen grab 1

Pictured above - My susexinstallations.co.uk gallery page, showcasing nearly 300 installations of my top quality work.

gallery user filter make model

Users can choose to view albums relating to specific vehicles. We allow a 3 level drill down (IE Mercedes - Sprinter - 2006 On) and in the interest of being user friendly, we only show options that will have results for.

gallery user filter category

Alternatively, we offer the user the ability to instead filter by Category (IE Parking Sensors).

gallery user filter brand

Or by brand if they prefer (In this case Rosen).

gallery album

An album overview page, showing thumbnail images (and a video if you added one).

gallery picture

Once a picture is clicked on, we display a nice large main picture (Watermark protected if you choose so).

gallery vito tag slam

The large pictures allow your users to browse through your album from smartphones using screen swipe or by clicking the arrows.

gallery vito tag parking sensors

Now this is where you will start to notice the connected part, as we allow 'Product Tagging' of products that you sell (Notice the Steelmate PTS400 product showing to the bottom right of the picture).

gallery vito tag armaplate

You can even tag multiple different products in the same album; which will convert your viewers into buyers.

quick drill down

We have also updated the vehicle specific product search tools and introduced a new quick vehicle drill down for all pages of your website, again in the interest of user friendliness, we only give options for vehicles that you have products for.

vehicle specific search results

Then we return the results of all vehicle specific products that you have on your website for the selection and the advanced search tool is displayed above the results so the user can filter more specifically (IE by vehicle and product category).

vehicle specific gallery

Now because we want to maximise the exposure of your relevant content to your potential customer, we also include all relevant gallery album results directly below the vehicle specific products that you have for their vehicle; which will enforce the belief that you are an experienced expert on installations that they are looking for (click the image above and then scroll to the bottom of the page).

home page

You will notice that there is a Latest Gallery Pictures display box to the bottom left of my website; this has very complex logic behind the way it works and it is very clever. If you have a new album then it will display the pictures from it, but if you do not then it will display random pictures from your gallery.

gallery DVD page

Once your user has gone to a category page of your website, such as the TV / DVD category on my website, the display changes to relevant albums to this category (if you have any, if not your latest or random).

rosen z10 Once the user has drilled down to a specific product, we just display images that have been directly tagged with that product (if you have any, if not latest or random). Of course all of these gallery images are links that will allow the user to go and view your albums and hopefully fall in love with your work!!

edit album description

Adding or editing albums couldn't be more simple and we really do all the hard work for you. Something that could take your web developer 5 hours to do manually, can be done by you in minutes. 

edit image and tag

You can see above how easy it is to use the 'Connected Gallery', to tag products and make your customers experience of your website truly wowing.

edit watermark

You can create your own watermark or many of them and we will save all the options for you. You can preview the different watermarks and select for some pictures to be watermarked with a bottom right logo and others to have a middle top faded (for example). You can re-watermark a previously watermarked image with a new watermark at any time. You can even select that we automatically watermark all new images with a default watermark (of course you can re-do them with another later if you like).

edit advanced user stuff

We automatically resize all of your images for you overnight when server resources are in low demand, we create all the thumbnails and different sizes for different uses. We make all of the pages Google friendly for you without you needing to input any meta keywords manually, but we allow you the choice to choose your own and override ours if you want!

I announced that the ifit-PRO websites are the best in our industry by far in June 2013 at our Re-launch at Alpine in Coventry, I now feel that they are the best in the world for any business that offers a product or service locally, regardless of what industry they are in. If you are interested in leading the way online or just getting a slice of the action, then get in touch with us now on 03300 101091 or by emailing info@ifit-pro.co.uk

Article by Jeff Scott, Managing Director, Ifitstuff LTD

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