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Eastbourne Extreme 2015 - A Town in Bloom, Not God's Waiting Room! #EastbourneExtreme

Ifitstuff LTD @ July 19, 2015 2:59 pm

Eastbourne Extreme 2015 kicked off on Saturday the 18th July with beautiful sunshine, lots of activities and great entertainment for everyone of all age groups. 

The weekend continued in the same fashion with good weather and a great vibe. There has been so much going on this weekend with Skating, Hockey, BMXing, Extreme Scooters and Skateboarding, Free Running, Marshall Arts, Bands, Windsurfing, Paddle Boarding (SUP), Sailing, Classic Volkswagens and Scoters, Food, Drink, Fitness and Weightlifting, A Fun Fair, Kids Bouncy Castles, Raffles, Prizes, Cakes, Zorb Football and more I'm sure!!

The roads in and out of Eastbourne have been very busy and the seafront walkway has been so chocabloc that you have to be patient to get around! But this all means that the event here in Eastbourne has been very successful and has been well attended (the pictures in the album were mostly early in the morning and don't reflect the level of support for the event this year).

Good job everyone involved in bringing the event here together for another year as Eastbourne is a lovely place to live, to work and to visit. I say that Eastbourne is a town in bloom, not God's bl**dy waiting room, LOL! 

See you at next year’s event.

Jeffrey Scott, Managing Director, ifit-PRO 'Simply Brilliant Websites'

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