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Secret 7 - SEO

Secret 7 - SEO

Make your website search engine efficient, for people typing into Google; the type of work you want in the type of area that you want it. 

It is not all about one page does it all. You should have a page dedicated to each type of work that you want. For example, if you were a carpenter and fitted kitchens then you would have a page for kitchens. The SEO would be all about kitchens, cupboards, cookers, home improvements and all those key words such as the town in which the carpenter lives, the county and his neighboring towns.

The amount of work that needs to go into setting up a website that gives great SEO is huge and includes many things; such as;
  • Great content
  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Regular text
  • Capitalisation of keywords
  • Meta attributes
  • Rich snippet mark up
  • Image attributes; such as 'alt' and 'title'
  • Inbound links
The list goes on and the importance of different things changes all the time as Google and other search engines updates their algorithms and search logic. 

The important thing for you is to have your website managed by a professional business with a framework that will be adapted and updated periodically. The thing that I 'Jeff Scott' often find fascinating is that so many business owners think that it is a good idea to intrust their entire business future and internet strategy to a Nephew, friend, partner or whoever as 'they are building me a website' in their spare couple of hours a month!!

Why not bring them in on a meeting with the bank, while you are at it and let them decide the entire future of your business? You might say that is ridiculous? and of course you would be correct! Leave them to play the PlayStation and get a fellow business owner to take care of your business's online strategy. 

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