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Brand Design for Businesses in Sussex, Surrey and London

Branding is one of the most important things your business/ company needs in order to be known and recognised. Think of all those top companies out there' Google, Facebook, Mc.Donald's, Nike and now try and think of their logos and colours that they use in their branding. You instantly know the answer, because the branding is very strong. It is consistent throughout all of their branding. 

Once a corporate style has been identified for your business it is imperative to maintain the style and apply it to any future designs. Creating a header banner for your business Facebook page, then use the colours and font styles used in your signage outside of your premises. Keeping the same style not only shows consistency and professionalism but it also forms a link in the customers mind. They might have seen your signage before and then came across your Facebook page. If the two look the same then they know what they have come across you before and they are in the right place! They are then more likely to engage with the page. If however the branding on Facebook was entirely different to that which they had seen on the signage then they would not necessarily realise it is the same company and thus are far less likely to engage with the page.

We understand how important branding and design is for businesses and we offer complete branding solutions to ensure your corporate styling is consistent and prevalent across all social media platforms. It can be quite overwhelming with the numerous social media websites, and their unique sizing and file type requirements for their respective header banners, profile icons, cover photos, etc. but we can take that responsibility on and deliver great results for you.

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If you would like to talk about the brand design services that we can offer you, then please contact us now on 03300 101091 or email info@ifit-pro.co.uk.

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