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Video P.O.D.C.A.S.T or Vlogging to market your business - VLOG - VIDEO PODCAST

It is incredibly important to have videos about your business online, they:-
  • Can be found directly in Google or YouTube searches (if hosted on YouTube correctly)
  • Increase the search ranking of the respective pages of your website where they are embedded
  • Can help your website visitors to identify and make a personal connection with you (before they have met or even spoken with you)
  • Improve the experience of your website visitors
  • Allow you to easily explain something which could be difficult in text and/ or pictures
  • Cater for the percentage of visitors that prefer to watch video; as apposed to reading text.

Video production can be hugely expensive; but it doesn't have to be! We offer professional video production services, using professional video equipment; either on location or in our studio at an affordable price. You may prefer to create your own video and this can sometimes be very effective also, ifit-PRO Managing Director explains below in a short video how you can use amateur equipment; such as a Smartphone or Tablet to create great and informative Video Podcasts, just follow his tips.

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