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Social Media and Website Content Marketing Services in Sussex, Surrey and London

Marketing is essential to any business in order for it to succeed. In order for your services to be known, you have to get the word out about it. Word of mouth is one way, but that is restricted to who you know, and who they know.
There are a whole spectrum of alternative marketing techniques that all work in unique ways to draw in potential customers you would otherwise not have attracted. This ranges from posting on social media, publishing blog entries, and creating videos.

We offer a series of marketing campaigns that have been devised to tackle many different angles of marketing for your business. We have two pre-made plans, but we also offer the option to create your own bespoke marketing campaign to which we will fulfil.

Below is the 'Organic Price Plan'. The 'Organic Price Plan' contains all the forms of marketing which require content to be made. From this form you are able to devise your own custom arrangement of marketing techniques to form a bespoke marketing campaign. Beneath that, is the 'Non-Organic Price Plan'. The 'Non-Organic Price Plan' unlike the 'Organic Price Plan' is based on paid advertising options through the likes of Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc.

Below is an example schedule that was made to demonstrate how we would divide the services chosen in the tables above to construct an evenly spread and distributed schedule that targets particular components at certain times to retrieve optimum results. This particular four weekly based schedule is what we have called the 'Heavyweight Organic' plan and this would be a complete marketing schedule in covering a wide range of marketing tools. We are able to offer this particular package to you for £899 per month (four week basis). Alternatively you can add components as you wish from the tables above and we would then interpret those into a schedule like the one shown below and give you a great deal in terms of both costing and the services in which we deliver.

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If you would like to talk about the marketing services that we can offer you, then please contact us now on 03300 101091 or email info@ifit-pro.co.uk.

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