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Orbee-O - Sussex - Surrey - London

Orbee-O is a modified smart car sporting a large globe.

Orbee-O. Sounds a little odd at first doesn't it?; but it really is not that strange. Orbee-O is predominantly a sphere on top of a smart car. This spherical object is thus also orb like and that is where we get the 'Orb'. The fact he is also a planet (Earth) and orbits the Sun, then there is where we extended it to be 'Orbee', a play on 'Orbital' minus the 'tal'. We wanted something that was a little more catchy. We then realised he needs a surname, or at least something more than just a first name.

Orbee-O is a very likeable character and a keen explorer. He likes to travel the world and visit different towns to share his expertise. Keep a lookout for when we announce his tour dates as he might just well be visiting a town near you. Got a suggestion of where you would like him to go next? Tweet us @ifit_pro, tell us why Orbee-O should visit your town.

Orbee-O as we know him today first came as an idea back at the end of December 2014. At that point in time, it was unknown how he would look like, and what he would be called. He finally finished production at the end of April 2015 and was officially born on May 1st 2015. His main purpose is to serve as an advertising campaign for ifit-PRO websites.

• Height: 214cm (7ft)
• Width: 182cm (6ft) 
• Length: 275cm (9ft)
• Weight: Embarrassed to disclose. A little podgy on the rear.
Top Speed: Wobbly over 60mph
Favourite Radio Station: Mars Digital
Favourite Drink: Unleaded Petrol
Favourite Food: Bugs
Favourite Movie: Herbie
Favourite TV Program: Top Gear
Favourite Song: He's got the Whole World in His Hands 
Favourite Book: Around the World in Eighty Days
Favourite Hobby: Making people smile
Lucky Number: 365
Blood Type: 5W 30 Semi Synthetic

• Unique horn with seven tones
• Equipped with his very own usable attic
• Equipped with multiple cameras
• Has his very own flag pole


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