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Digital Marketing Strategy for Businesses in Sussex, Surrey and London

Your website is likely to represent the majority of your business's entire marketing strategy and YES THIS DOES APPLY TO YOU! If you are reading this and think that strategy is something that only applies to businesses that are 100 times bigger than yours or that are more / or less successful than you, then you are very wrong. Sound strategy is a must for all business owners regardless if you are a sole trader or the CEO of Tesco.

Should a professional boxer be less concerned about his fighting strategy then an Army General? Should the boxer just rock up on fight night and blunder into the ring without a plan? Would he be in any better position if he had some tips from a friend who lifts weights at a gym? Or a college kid who takes a PE class? What if the Army General just put his finger into the air to feel which way the wind was blowing and then yelled “Over the top boys” and sent his troops to face certain defeat? The reason that I say this is because I hear so many times that “oh a friend (who has a day job) is building a website for me". Or "my sister’s friend one day is going to spend an evening doing it for me"! Imagine putting your business’s entire marketing strategy into the hands of someone who has never owned or run a business? Regardless if they are very artistic or even have web development qualifications, you should not put them in charge of your business's website any more than you would put them in charge of your business's finances!  


There is a good book on strategy called “Good Strategy / Bad Strategy”; in which (the author) Richard Rumelt likens competitive advantage in business to the high ground in a battle. If you have the high ground, then you are far more likely to succeed. If you are a new comer to a market, then you are likely to be on the low ground looking up at your competitors and at a disadvantage. But it’s not all bad news as (like Richard describes) the high ground and low ground in business constantly changes over time and can be likened to waves in the sea with peaks and troughs.

My recommendation is that you should employ a strategy that is significant enough to change the lie of the land in your favour and / or position yourself somewhere where a wave will rise up and allow you to ride high. If you are already riding high, then you should not be complacent as you can surely bet that your competitors are looking to take your place at their 1st opportunity to do so.

Ifit-PRO are at the cutting edge of online business strategy and leading the way with regard to online marketing, we will quickly understand your business and using our exclusive tools and insights, we will help you and your business ride high for as long as we work together.

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If you would like to talk about the strategy services that we can offer you, then please contact us now on 03300 101091 or email info@ifit-pro.co.uk.

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