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Secret 8 - User Personas

Secret 8 - User Personas

You will have different types of people coming to your website, from all walks of life.

It may be that some services you offer are to someone who is very sophisticated, who like to read long fluffy words and has the time to read them all.

You may have a very savvy but busy professional who doesn't have time for all that, they just want bullets points; ie we can:-
  • Design your website
  • Optimise for enquiries that you want in your target area
  • Plan strategy for your online future
  • Market Your Website
  • Give you support and make changes to your website on your behalf
  • Give you easy access to make changes yourself is you would like to
Or you may have Bob the builder visiting your website; and what the hell is the point in writing a website that is designed for a builder in lots of fluffy high-level education type of words, words that he might not even understand. He wants to know if we can build a website that will help him progress his building business, one where he can show off his great work. The answer is yes.

You need to think 'Who is going to be looking at my website?'. You need to write content in a way that they can understand what you are trying to tell them and put it in a nice and clear easy layout.

No offence is intended to intellects, busy professionals or Bob the builder. I am sure that you all appreciate the point that I am trying to make. 

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